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Frequent Accounting Questions!

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What financial information do I need to provide with my Form C to do a Title III Crowdfunding? Do I need an audit? A lot of people have been asking…



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How to apply for EDGAR codes so I can file my Form C? In all of the excitement to utilize the new crowdfunding regulations, a few technical details may be…


Our First Form C Filing!

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iDisclose is thrilled to announce the first filing with the SEC of a Form C created using our platform.  Congratulations to Bloomery Sweetshine and everyone involved in making this happen.  Read…


Title III Crowdfunding Platforms Using iDisclose

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iDisclose Teams up With New Regulation Crowdfunding Funding Portals to Prepare Form C Disclosure The Solution Eases the Burden and Helps Entrepreneurs Create and File Their Own Form C Securities…


For the Entrepreneur

Reduces the time and cost of institutional grade deal documents. Protects against liability. Organizes disclosure, including business plan and financial information to prepare entrepreneur to face investors.


For the Investor

Provides fulsome disclosure in an easy to evaluate format. If used by multiple issuers, allows for apples to apples comparison.


For the Platform

Standardizes disclosure across the platform to create a vibrant marketplace, lowering the cost of capital and reducing risk.


For the Lawyer

Eliminates much of the drafting drudgery. Can be used as a training tool for junior associates. Can partner with iDisclose to provide final legal review and retain new clients.

What do I get with iDisclose?


An institutional grade PPM or Form C to protect the entrepreneur and inform investors, which includes a subscription agreement

Red Flag Report

A Red flag report highlighting disclosure and diligence issues for the entrepreneur and reviewing attorney

Zip File

A zip file of all the documents uploaded organized by PPM or Form C section so that the reviewing attorney can quickly cross-reference the provided disclosure to the supporting materials

Disclosure Software to Get to Business Faster

iDisclose lowers the cost and improves the quality of offering disclosure documents. With so many new forms of capital raising available, such as general solicitation, crowdfunding and the use of online platforms, adequate disclosure is more important than ever. iDisclose protects the company raising money from investor suits and SEC actions, while properly informing people of the investment opportunity. iDisclose generates a Form C or a PPM, depending on what type of fundraising the company is conducting.