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Why spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees when you can do it yourself with iDisclose?

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With so many new forms of capital raising available, such as general solicitation, crowdfunding and the use of online platforms, adequate disclosure is more important than ever.

iDisclose protects the company raising money from investor suits and SEC actions, while properly informing people of the investment opportunity. iDisclose generates a Form C or a PPM, depending on what type of fundraising you are conducting.

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What do I get with iDisclose?


PPM or Form C

An institutional grade PPM or Form C to protect the entrepreneur and inform investors, which includes a subscription agreement


Red Flag Report

A Red flag report highlighting disclosure and diligence issues for the entrepreneur and reviewing attorney

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Zip File

A zip file of all the documents uploaded organized by PPM or Form C section so that the reviewing attorney can quickly cross-reference the provided disclosure to the supporting materials

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What People Are Saying About iDisclose

iDisclose was a LIFESAVER in helping us navigate all of the documentation that needed to be submitted… thank you so very much for your support and your work in helping guide small feisty startups likes ours through the legal process! The time and expense of “all things legal” can truly be daunting, and your team at iDisclose was like a beacon in the night.

Brandi DeCarli
Brandi DeCarli Founding Partner Farm from a Box

iDisclose streamlined the process, was very efficient and easy to navigate. I was amazed at how industry specific the generated draft document turned out to be. iDisclose wasn’t simply a website, on the backside was a team of responsive, knowledgeable caring individuals who turned out to be extremely valuable in our success.

Linda Losey
Linda Losey COO Bloomery Sweetshine

As a lawyer myself, I know what is required in adequate disclosure and iDisclose helps provide it at significantly less cost and in less time.

Andy Krafsur
Andy Krafsur CEO Spira

One of the most difficult issues securities attorneys face is simply trying to pull company information from the client’s head and put it in the form of a meaningful disclosure document. iDisclose however, shifts the process on its head by giving the client a more substantial role in the disclosure drafting process. Not only is the legal cost to the client significantly reduced, but the quality and specificity of the disclosure information is substantially improved.

Anthony Zeoli
Anthony Zeoli Partner Freeborn Peters