iDisclose for Lawyers


iDisclose produces a full suite of deal and regulatory documents, to prepare your company for a financing and beyond.

The objective of the application is to streamline the drafting and disclosure process, have the client undertake much of the basic information assembly (since he/she already possess it), reduce the inefficiencies of passing the information back and forth between client and lawyer and permit you, the securities professional, to do what you do best free from the basic drudgery, which somehow has been passed to you historically.

With iDisclose, we believe that the burden is back where it belongs, with the entrepreneur. Qualified and experienced securities professionals and other advisors have spent hours and hours of time building the architecture of the iDisclose application to make sure that all of the appropriate information is captured.

By streamlining the disclosure process, iDisclose can help your practice in many ways…

  • Lower the cost of services and attract new clients
  • Eliminate much of the drafting drudgery
  • Train junior associates how to draft disclosure documents and how to spot material issues
  • Partner with iDisclose to provide final legal review when customers complete the application and retain that client for the future

White Labeling

For lawyers and law firms that want to incorporate iDisclose technology into their practice, we offer a white label solution. We offer a customized application that firms can administer for their clients with their own logo, branding and color palate.

Lawyers can either have their clients prepare the first draft of documents with the application or have associates or paralegals work through the iDisclose application. Firms can determine how they want to distribute the workload and collaborate as well as how to allocate the costs and fee structure.

iDisclose can help lawyers and law firms assist clients that would otherwise not be cost effective, provide services at a fixed fee and more efficiently prepare customized documents. iDisclose is also a great training tool for junior associates and paralegals to learn drafting and materiality with respect to securities offerings.

Referral Partners

We are always looking for qualified attorneys to partner with us to provide final review services for customers who don’t already have legal representation. Once you connect with the client, the engagement belongs to you, the lawyer, and we do not take a referral fee. All we ask is that you provide the final legal review for a reasonable fixed fee.

You are free to do future work for the client at rates and on terms upon which you mutually agree. iDisclose can be a great way to generate new clients.